The Maldivian Tourist Boom

Recent statistics have indicated the Indian Ocean archipelago has already attracted more than half a million foreign travelers gracing its resort islands.

539,816 travelers have visited the Maldives during the first four months (January to April) which is a 12.7% jump from 2017’s 478,827 tourists that had visited the Maldives during the same period. These statistics has been confirmed by the Tourism Ministry.

China is still unswerving in being the single biggest tourist market to the Maldives tourism industry with neat 16.2% market share. Statistics report a total of 87,632 Chinese travelers have visited Maldives from January through April 2018. However this is a considerable slip of 6.9% from last year’s 94,110 visitors from the country

Europe contributes to local tourism the most with a 55% market-share; however this figure is realized after combining all European countries with visitors to Maldives year-in and year-out.

So far 301,567 European travelers from its southern and northern corners have graced the Maldivian resort islands which more than makes up for the drop in Chinese market as it is a splendid 18.2% jump from last year’s. In 2017 a total of 255,229 travelers from the European continent visited Maldives from January through April.


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